Throughout history, mankinds urge to explore, innovate and seek prosperity by challenging norms and the status quo, has been key in the development of species and civilizations. It has led us from the oceans to the stars.

Conducting circular business has not only expanded our understanding of its potential, but also taught us amazing things about human ingenuity, goodwill, collaboration, willpower, and determination.

Our job is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, as it is a fundamental means to achieving sustainability and carbon neutrality. We believe before we see, and our imagination lacks no creativity as we envision our waves breaking on to shores in all corners of the world.

We seek to discover new ways, and call to promote old ways, basing them on science, facts, and knowledge, as to overcome complex challenges.

  • Our mission is impact. Our stage is circular economy. Our tools are innovation & business development. 

  • Our measurement is carbon. Our hourglass is global warming. Our output is societal transformation.

  • Our policy is the Paris Agreement and the UN Global Compact.

  • Our objectives are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our goal is to engage in circular economic projects covering all 17 Global Goals, with ambitions of creating outputs with significant short- and long-term impacts.

The circular economy provides a tangible framework for reducing our impacts, protecting ecosystems, and living within the means of one planet. Collaborating with business and civil society, we seek to play an active role in delivering positive change by implementing solutions that encourage circularity and systems change. Through our work, we believe we can help inspire future generations and help in the sustainable transition of our civilization.

Nordic Waves was founded in 2019 as a reaction to the increasing pollution of our oceans. We soon realized that our main concern was not fixed by reasoning the use of ocean waste, and incentivizing an ocean cleanup, but by having an economic model that kept input circulating.

Circular economy and its core principles quickly became the umbrella that could solve most of our barriers and objectives, suitable for different settings – which ultimately lead to the Global Goals. Our vision and, in response, our mission thus grew bigger.

We found that economic incentives created through commercial development, as a result of innovation targeting the interests of the environment and society, were our path to best practices. It was, and is, a tangible way to develop solutions that both seek prosperity and work to reverse the global temperature rise to keep it below the vital 1.5 ° C pre-industrial levels.

"Zero emissions are not enough. We must also draw down the carbon that is already overheating the planet. Restoring nature through the course of circular economies are fundamental if we are to stand a chance of providing good life’s for all citizens in the world. It is my opinion, that the circular economy is a way to increase prosperity while reducing demands on finite raw materials and minimizing negative externalities.

I am proud that Nordic Waves is working at the forefront of these efforts, providing access to approaches and solutions, and guidance to enable change at a global scale."

Expanding our wide-reaching ambitions is a mission that can only be achieved by an exceptionally dedicated and skillful team. For that reason, we are always looking for passionate individuals, ready to join our journey and carry out the vision.


If you share our passions and beliefs, and you have what it takes to make the world more innovative and circular, we highly encourage you to reach out to us.

Nicolai Alexandrowski
Founder & COB
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Christian Jensen
Chief Executive Operator
Philip Kromann Hornung
Commercial Advisor
Giovanni Ramon
Fundraising Manager
Michael K.png
Michael Knudsen
Strategy & Business dev. Advisor
Ye You
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Jamal Salvi
Blockchain Advisor
Orsolya Riba
Legal Advisor
Kairit Kuusik
Operations Manager
Jillian SortHvid.png
Jillian Ramirez
UX Developer
Hanin Alzuhairy
Marketing Advisor
Nicklas Fritzen
Virtual Reality API Developer
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Sarthak Bajaj
Back-end Developer
Orhan SortHvid.png
Orhan Hadzihasanovic
Virtual Reality Developer
Marie Charpentier
Web Developer
Victor Maragioglio
Front-end Developer
Alba Teodoro Pujol
Project Manager



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