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Our mission is impact

About us

We are dedicated to accelerating the transition to a circular economy, harnessing human ingenuity, collaboration, and science for global sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Our guiding purpose

Impactful Innovation

We wish to excel in nurturing solutions that address global challenges and pave the path to a more sustainable economy. Our hub births transformative projects, shaping a world inspired by sustainability and positive transformation.

Carbon Responsibility

Committed to mitigating global warming, we embrace carbon-centric metrics and align steadfastly with key global initiatives, including The Paris Agreement.

Sustainable Growth

Our endeavors are closely guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that our actions catalyze meaningful and lasting impacts on society and the environment.

Our journey

Since 2018, Nordic Waves has evolved from addressing ocean pollution to championing circular economy principles and aligning with the United Nations Global Goals.

Throughout history, the nature of unconventional thinking has driven societal progress - from conquering oceans to exploring space. In our mission for a circular economy, we're harnessing human ingenuity to accelerate sustainability and carbon neutrality.


We believe in science-driven innovation and understand that ‘zero emissions’ alone are not enough. We must also draw down the carbon already overheating our planet.


Our goal is clear: To support the universal aspiration of a good life while preserving nature and its finite resources.

Nordic Waves is proud to lead these efforts, offering transformative solutions for worldwide change.

Nicolai Alexandrowski
Founder, Nordic Waves Group

Zero emission is not enough.

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