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Our projects

Empowering change through impactful projects

Carbon Calculator

With verified data as our core foundation, we have developed a trustworthy measurement system that empowers individuals to be aware of their lifestyle choices and how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Nordic Waves VR

Immerse yourself in our virtual reality and experience our VR carbon calculator game. Explore the impact of your daily actions, and discover how making small changes can improve your carbon footprint.

ACT4 | Decarbonization

​Verified climate certificates that reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, enabling individuals and companies to proactively support VERRA projects.

Circular Construction

In close collaboration with industry partners, we sought to increase upcycling in construction by reimagining waste as a resource and making a more circular construction sector.


By educating on the principles of circular economy, we aimed to convey the significance of more global circularity - for inspiration, exploration, and engagement. 

KURVN Bicycle Basket

Harnessing the principles of circular economy design in the development of commercial products, our aim was to create a product that would actively promote and incentivize urban bicycling.

SME Advisory

We partnered with the circular economy cluster "Grøn Cirkulær Omstilling" (Green Circular Transition) to advise and guide small and medium-sized enterprises toward adopting circular practices.


​We sought to fuse captured CO2 with "ocean plastic" to form a nanotechnology-enhanced composite material that aimed to both reduce carbon emissions and address plastic pollution.

Repro Storage Box

​In collaboration with chefs, restaurant owners, plastic specialists and product designers, we wanted to develop a product that could replace fossil fuel-based plastic with more durable and (non-edible) bioplastic.

Ocean plastification

Dive into our campaign to combat ocean plastification, and help raise awareness about the effects of plastic pollution.  

Meet the minds behind Nordic Waves’ impact

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