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Act for decarbonization

Carbon-Conscious Solutions: Empowering Eco-Action

Key Goal: 

In partnership with esteemed project developers and dedicated on-the-ground organizations, we specialize in the sale of climate compensation certificates.


These are more commonly referred to as climate credits. These credits stem from thoroughly verified actions that aim at either diminishing or completely eradicating greenhouse gas emissions from our atmosphere.


  • Launch an interactive platform that serves as a nexus, linking various entities to greenhouse gas-mitigating initiatives.

  • Design, develop, and introduce a comprehensive carbon calculator tailored to cater to the specific needs of both corporate entities and individual users.

  • Supply climate credits that not only hold a certification of authenticity but also offer a traceable lineage to ensure utmost credibility.

  • Dedicate our efforts towards the conservation of critical ecosystems around the world and actively play a role in reducing the carbon footprint by curbing atmospheric carbon emissions.

Meet the minds behind Nordic Waves 

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