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Carbon calculator

Empowering action:

Measuring and understanding CO2-footprint

Key Goal: 

A user-friendly tool designed for individuals to measure their carbon footprint with precision.

The Greenhousecalculator is not just about numbers; it's about understanding. By rooting our technology in validated data, we provide a tangible means for people to gauge the ecological implications of their daily actions. Armed with this knowledge, they can make informed decisions to mitigate their environmental impact.


Looking ahead, we're expanding our toolkit. Our next phase involves the development of a specialized carbon calculator tailored specifically for businesses, allowing them to measure and manage their own carbon footprints effectively.


  • Amplify understanding: We aim to shine a light on the unseen carbon footprint shadowing our everyday actions.

  • Unlock sustainable support: By understanding their footprints, users can more effectively support projects that actively mitigate carbon emissions.

  • Actively combat climate change: Through awareness and action, our ultimate goal is to tangibly reduce carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Meet the minds behind Nordic Waves 

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