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Carbon Plastics

Reimagining Waste: Nanotech Innovations for a Cleaner Planet

Key Goal: 

Revolutionizing Material Science for a Greener Tomorrow.  

Our innovative project endeavored to merge cutting-edge technology with sustainability. By combining carbon extracted directly from the air with traditionally discarded, and low-quality ocean plastics, we wanted to pioneer a composite material that was enhanced and strengthened by nanotechnology. Our vision extended beyond mere material development; we were commited to reintegrate atmospheric carbon and ocean plastics into durable and practical products, thereby redefining waste.


  • Facilitate the effective recycling and upcycling of traditionally disregarded low-quality plastics.

  • Reduce carbon emissions while simultaneously elevating recycling rates, contributing to a symbiotic approach to environmental solutions.

  • Work towards a dual objective: purifying our atmosphere and cleaning our oceans of plastic pollutants.

Meet the minds behind Nordic Waves 

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