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Repro Storage Box

Bio-Plastic Solutions for the Culinary World

Key Goal: 

Crafting More Sustainable Storage. 

The Repro project originated from the need to revolutionize the restaurant industry's storage solutions. We embarked on the challenge of creating a bio-plastic storage box by integrating the collective insights of chefs, restaurant owners, plastic specialists, molding industry experts, and experienced product designers. Our shared vision was straightforward: to develop a storage solution that perfectly aligns with market requirements and embodies functionality, durability, and, most importantly, sustainability.


  • Significantly reduce the industry's reliance on plastics derived from fossil fuels, championing a more sustainable alternative.

  • Employ non-edible, economically efficient bio-based PP (polypropylene) known for its resilience against elevated temperatures, recyclability, and longevity.

  • Place utmost importance on user-driven innovation, ensuring the end product resonates deeply with its intended user base.

Meet the minds behind Nordic Waves 

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