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Crafting innovation, decarbonization
circular economy.

About us

Advancing positive impact through global circularity

Our mission is to foster innovations that mitigate greenhouse gases, maintain valuable resources in the loop, and promote prosperity within planetary boundaries. We create and drive greater circularity, guided by United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Catalyzing sustainability: Our key projects

Solution studio

COMING SOON! Calculate your carbon footprint with our Greenhousecalculator. Use our comprehensive tool to measure and track your environmental impact, and discover ways to reduce your CO2 emissions. 

Carbon Calculator

COMING SOON! Explore our Virtual Reality Carbon Calculator. Discover the footprint of your daily activities and learn about your choices in an immersive virtual city. Join us in our interactive VR experience.

Nordic Waves VR 

A person wearing Virtual Reality goggles.

Meet the minds behind Nordic Waves 

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